Who the heck is Corn?

Hey, hi, hello, welcome. That's me! My name's Cornelius but most people call me Corn. Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation. I'm a little bit of everything when it comes to art, so I tend to call myself a multimedia artist but for context I like doing digital art, traditional art, fibre art, and web/app design. When it comes to my qualifications on the subject, I have an AA in Communications Media with a technical compitency in Photoshop CS6, and BFA in Digital Arts. While I've been an artist for as long as I can remember; I've been studying colour theory for almost a decade. My favourite colours are Orange, Yellow, and Green, for... Obvious reasons.

My personal mantra is, if you don't understand something, learn everything you possibly can until you think you've learned it all, and then be proven wrong. That's the exciting thing about colour theory to me, there's always something new to be learned when it comes to colour. I hope that I can share that same excitement with you, dear reader.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here!

- Corn